Alex and Lisa were in your exact shoes. Until one day, they discovered this simple reframe that allowed them to get their drinking under control from that day onwards.

Who are Alex and Lisa? Best friends who now run Bee Sober. I have the pleasure of interviewing these two bubbly and inspirational women on the podcast this week.

Alex spoke about her past and how she grew up with parents that were regular drinkers who owned pubs. When she was younger she observed that most of their activities revolved around drinking. But her dad was taken ill because of his drinking and given 24 hours to live. But thankfully he lived another 10 years and for the first last time, he said he was never going to drink it stuck. This taught Alex an invaluable life lesson about the possibilities of getting sober.

Although she had the belief that she would never be like her parents she grew up and went to uni her drinking started to escalate. Then as time went on and she struggled with a miscarriage and hit her rock bottom. She couldn’t deal with the same and went on a 6-month binge because she just wanted the pain to go away.

Although at the age of 8 Lisa was taught how to make the perfect gin and tonic her drinking escalated much later on in life. She was living the dream she always wanted with a husband she loved, a garden, car and all the things that go with it. Until one day when her husband went upstairs to put the kids to bed then when he came down he just walked out the front door. Then her kids came down in tears and told her he was leaving and that was the first Lisa heard about it. This is when her drinking go worse until she lost control and her daughter work her up to be taken to school when Lisa said ‘I’ll take you in later’ whilst begging her for a glass of water. Lisa realised enough was enough.

They were both playing house at the same time

When getting sober Alex and Lisa followed similar experiment. Lisa did a 100-day challenge and Alex did 30. Along Lisa’s journey of sobriety, she focused on mindset and self-care. She Focused on all the good things about recovery like waking up with a clear head. She also started meditation classes which gave her one hour a week to switch off from the world and this became part of her self care routine. She also enjoyed buying lots of beauty products and tea’s became her new obsession.

Alex on the other had enjoyed running and exercise. She also enjoyed reading lots of fact-based books and spent time with her family. But one of the biggest distinctions was that she realised it wasn’t her marriage but her drinking and relationship to commitment. She shifted the context and not necessarily the contents.

They always stayed aligned

Now Alex and Lisa both run Bee Sober and support, community and coaching to people who think alcohol does not need to be in their lives. 

You can see more about them below. 

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Luke Worsfold

Luke Worsfold

After losing my mum, Lisa, to drugs at the age of 10, I went from an emotionally dead, drug-addict to a fulfilled, recovery counsellor. I now run Lisa Inside Addiction that provides online recovery programs to hold the light down the tunnel of darkness. Helping people stuck at the level of consciousness of addiction to become the best version of themselves, ensuring fewer people lose their lives to drugs and alcohol as his mum did.