On this Podcast I had the honour of talking to Laura McKowen author of “We are the luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life”. Laura shared her story and insights from her own journey to recovery and sobriety and we discussed the benefits of a sober life.

One thing that makes the most sense to her about addiction is that…

Addiction is anything you do or continue to do despite the negative consequences

Laura McKowen

Laura went from drinking somewhat problematically at the beginning to very problematically for most of the time she was drinking. Her alcohol problems started in her late teens and went on for almost twenty years when she got sober at the age of 37. Although she did other drugs as well, alcohol was always the first choice for her.

She mentioned her story being the typical one of growing up around alcohol, surrounding herself with other drinkers that drank like she did. She never really considered that drinking would be something she’d stop one day. She saw drinking as being a part of being an adult, that it made a better life, a more exciting life, it made making connections easier. She felt It made her a better, more fun and excited person to be around.

Over time, as it does, it got considerably harder for her to manage her alcohol dependance and by the time she got married and had her daughter that’s when drinking really changed for her and she really struggled to have control over it.

The perks of drinking had gone and she didn’t get the positive effects from.alcohol she’d had in the past so she drank more in an attempt to reach that high and she became more secretive around her drinking and her need to always want more emerged.

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Luke Worsfold

Luke Worsfold

After losing my mum, Lisa, to drugs at the age of 10, I went from an emotionally dead, drug-addict to a fulfilled, recovery counsellor. I now run Lisa Inside Addiction that provides online recovery programs to hold the light down the tunnel of darkness. Helping people stuck at the level of consciousness of addiction to become the best version of themselves, ensuring fewer people lose their lives to drugs and alcohol as his mum did.