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Here is the way things probably are right now…

  • Your drink or drug use has gotten out of control because you have gone from drinking once a week with friends to most nights alone or you go out on huge drink ups and are not seen for days.
  • You’re starting to see the impact it is having on your wife, partner, family or parents and they maybe are nagging you to get help and drink or use drugs less.
  • You have tried the willpower approach but you can’t do it on your own and need someone to help you connect the dots so your life doesn’t spiral out of control.
  • Your boss and colleagues are starting to notice your performance and the time you miss at work and your behaviour has gotten you into financial trouble by spending money you don’t have.
  • You can’t afford to pay the upfront cost of going to rehab but still want to have expert help and support. 
  • You try to use drink or drugs to escape your problems and bury your head in the sand which makes you feel better in the short term but has big consequences that hurt, in the long run, causing you to drink or use drugs more.
  • You may have tried rehab but found it hard to integrate everything into your life and felt left to your own devices which ended up with you going back to the same old behaviour.

NONE of this is your fault!

Our society and culture encourage you to drink and you may have slipped into unhealthy patterns from a young age. You were never taught how to deal with stress or manage your emotions in an effective way. This program will help you develop the tools to get your life back on track and make more informed choices.

What if your life was different?

Imagine what your life would look like if it was not controlled by drinking or using drugs.

If you woke up excited by the prospect of the day ahead without the hangover, shame, remorse and guilt.

 You cultivate meaningful connections with people you care about and have your drink or drug use under control.

You feel passionate about your career path that is now aligned with your core values and not being held back by your past.

You are finally on the journey to achieving the goals you always envisioned.

This can become your reality!

My recovery program takes you through a process to gain control over your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and redefines your relationship to drugs and alcohol.

You will learn to solve your problems effectively in the moment so they won’t just make it to the emotional to-do list.

The program gives you practical tools to use in your life to ‘quieten’ your mind and to have more control over what happens as a result of a ‘thought’.

Also, you will be taught how to build connections in relationships and rebuild the bridge to love with your partner, wife, friends and family.

You will learn what emotions are (even if you think you don’t have any) and how to let them come and go without holding you hostage.

You will have the opportunity to…

  • Work with our experts to help you understand the causes and examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have contributed to your current situation.
  • The program meets you where you are on your journey so you don’t need to be sober or abstinent to get started, which means the barrier to entry is practically non-existent.
  • It allows you to get the help you need without the high cost of rehab by using a more modern approach based on neuroscience, rather than the conventional view that you have to hit ‘rock bottom’ to get better.
  • Everything remains confidential, meaning your GP and workplace never need to know, so you can maintain your absolute anonymity.
  • You get a proven method to manage stress and soothe your inner self so you don’t suddenly go back to your old self-destructive behaviours when life gets challenging.
  • You don’t have to put your life on hold so you can keep looking after the kids, working in your job or attending that upcoming gathering, which means you won’t get fired or miss out.

I know exactly how you feel

I now have a counselling degree, a BACP membership, gone through therapy, read over 150 books, worked in multiple rehabs, been to countless Al-Anon and NA meetings and spent years in recovery growing to become my best self.

But this hasn’t always been the case because I went through the same struggles you’re going through right now…

I grew up with a drug-addicted mum who died when I was 10.

Every day I emotionally ran from the trauma, ripping out everything that connected my head to my heart, burying any feelings deep in the valley of my soul never to be found again.

Until one day….

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Until one day I hit rock bottom when I realised I was a drug addict heading towards death just like my mum. In that moment I made a commitment to become the best version of myself and lead others by example.

But walking into my first therapy session I really believed I could die from bringing back up the pain I carried.

I had suppressed so much of my emotions I did not know what I would find and that scared the hell out of me!

I quickly had to develop the courage needed to embrace the uncertainty and anxiety of this journey of self-discovery. 

As the days turned into months I read over 100 books on the mind to learn the psychoeducational information I needed to upgrade my thinking.

I studied mindfulness and meditated every day so I could get a deeper understanding of my cognitive thought patterns and the impact those thoughts had on my behaviour. 

I watched countless podcasts, mentors on YouTube and attended multiple personal development seminars to get all the practical tools I needed to thrive in daily life. 

But I didn’t stop there because I kept going back to therapy to untangle the mess of my emotions. 

It was there I started to understand the impact of mum’s actions on my traumatic development and how my broken inner child was living inside me as an adult. I gained an understanding of the ripples of addiction throughout my life and how they affected every subconscious decision I made.

As I started to heal, the months turned into years and I saw a pattern emerging. When I looked back at my journey I had developed four main skills. 

I had learnt to observe and sit with my thoughts and cultivate better relationships with myself and others. I discovered how to deal with very emotionally intense events and situations. Lastly, I persevered to regulate my emotions on a daily basis. 

So when I went into training to become a counsellor and discovered Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) which covers these exact four areas (mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, emotional regulations), a huge lightbulb went off. 

I thought, “I wish I had this when I started,” because it would have compressed all the years spent going the long way round into weeks. 

I was so fascinated I studied DBT on top of my degree so I could become a specialist. 

As I started to crystallise my skills I decided to custom build this program based on everything I had learned to help people just like you. 

I have now led a range of clients through this program from people drinking too much at the weekend to clients doing multiple grams of cocaine a day.

So if this is resonating with you, keep reading…

Introducing: The Recovery Program

Learn the proven tools you need to get your drink or drug use under control and feel happier in all aspects of your life in 12 weeks.

The Recovery Program is based on Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), a scientifically proven method that has helped many clients grow and move their lives forward. 

It integrates 4 pillars of change which focus on:

  • Psychoeducational Information
  • Subconscious Emotions
  • Mental Cognitive Thoughts
  • Practical Tools To Use In Daily Life

This approach is delivered over 12 weeks during 1:1 sessions. It reprograms your thoughts and underlying emotions to help you smash through the glass ceiling of your mental health and addiction(s).

Here are some of the things we'll cover inside the program

Mindfulness (Weeks 1 – 3)
The outcome of the Mindfulness module is to become aware of our unconscious automatic behaviour and interrupt unhelpful patterns of thinking. From here we can learn to consciously focus the direction of our thoughts to change our future behaviour.

Interpersonal Effectiveness (Weeks 4 – 6)
In this module, you will understand the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving the deep connection you want in your dearest relationships. You will learn how to communicate with the people around you effectively. End relationships effectively and gain strategies to upgrade your peer group.

Distress Tolerance (Weeks 7 – 9)
This module will allow you to learn the practical skills you need to take a step back from the situation so you can reduce your emotional distress which will minimise any chance of relapse. It will allow you to analyze some of the big events in your life and develop acceptance around them by changing the context and not the contents of what happened.

Emotional Regulation (Weeks 9 – 12)
You will learn the three reasons we have emotions and become more aware of the impact your subconscious has on your life. You will develop the ability to process vulnerable emotions that come up for you in the moment so you’re not holding onto the past. You will gain an understanding of the link between our thoughts and feelings and how to actually create lasting change.

You Will Also Get:

  • TWELVE 50–60 minute 1:1 counselling sessions
  • Four modules of content which you can keep for life
  • Weekly sessions but fortnightly can be arranged

But will it work for me?

Some kind words from previous clients

If you’re wondering whether the Recovery Program will work for entrepreneurs, corporate businessmen, people in sales, 30-somethings, students, men, women, people experienced in recovery, first-timers in recovery, and everyone in between, the answer is…

The Program will work for all of those categories, and more because my clients and I have tested every idea, strategy and tactic in the program.

Don’t just take my word for it…

I would 100% recommend Luke as a therapist. From my first session with him, I felt huge relief from anguish and pain that I'd been carrying around for years. Luke provided me with the exact type of support and setting that I needed to discuss sensitive/complex/troubling issues, and together we got to the root of debilitating thoughts and behaviours that have been compounding in my life since my childhood. The elements of DBT incorporated into the sessions help a lot with making sense of everything. A very positive turning-point in my life. Thank you once again for all of your help, Luke.

JaneFrom Trustpilot

I was hesitant about therapy as a concept and questioned if it would benefit me at the start. Firstly, Luke is a great counsellor. He is empathetic, knowledgeable and really makes the sessions fit you. Counselling is not a magic wand where you’re suddenly ‘cured’, but much of a journey and Luke really supports you along the way. I would absolutely recommend Luke wholeheartedly.

JamesFrom Trustpilot

DBT treatment has changed my life. After a couple of years within the abusive relationship and codependency - I feel lost in my life. When I started the treatment journey of DBT with Luke I reopened my eyes towards meaningful things and get on the right track of the healthy and stable life. With the help of Luke, I explored various psychological interventions such as Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance and Emotional Regulation. He is so caring and gentle, always guides me patiently and teaches me how to do medication at home. He always well prepared for our session and give me some homework to completed by myself. When I completed the DBT with Luke, I literally become a new version of myself. I gain my confidence back and carry on my beautiful life with a stronger mind. I do appreciate the chance to learn things about myself with Luke and the treatment has changed my life for a life long impact. I hope more people will have the same dramatic change in their life with help with Luke. My friends and family are saying I'm a living testimony of how big change from where I was to who I am now.

LexiFrom Trustpilot

Working with Luke has been a great experience. Really down to earth with a calm manner and positive energy. We have covered everything I requested and more, with plenty of practical work and interactive sessions

JohnFrom Trustpilot

When I went to Luke I really didn’t believe I could give up my addiction and become the person I am today. But after we started to work together he made me feel confident and not only teach me about addiction but support me in dealing with the underlying emotions. I have never been so happy and fulfilled. Together me and Luke discovered a real meaning in my life. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

MattFrom Trustpilot

Excellent and honest advice from someone who has a wealth of experience in many aspects of life.

PhilFrom Trustpilot

The most charismatic counsellor I have met in my life. Not only he has all the knowledge and expertise that is needed but he is also able to see things from the patient's perspective and reach conclusions in a holistic way. He has a genuine interest for his clients and he is one of the most open-minded people I know. 110% Recommended.

PetraFrom Trustpilot

Please Note: Limited Spaces

Only 7 available per month

As a result of the amount of time it takes for me to personally lead you every step of the way there is limited space.

This program is unique and for the right clients, it has a massive impact, which means I only accept seven new clients per month on a first come first served basis.

If you feel you are a good fit and this program resonates with you, then schedule your first session today.

What you get when you start the program

  • TWELVE 50–60 minute 1:1 counselling sessions
  • Four Modules of Content which you can keep for life
  • Weekly sessions but fortnightly can be arranged
  • Sessions will be delivered via online video call using Zoom, Skype or any other platform you prefer
  • I am available Monday to Friday 7 AM – 8 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 12 AM

Haven’t Quite Made Up Your Mind?

A Free Assessment Will Allow You To…

  • Have the space to assess your current situation with a trained professional so you can create a plan to move your life in the right direction and get things back on track. 
  • Get the answers to any questions you have so you can find an option that works for you and make a decision with clarity. 
  • Identify some of the reasons you may be drinking or using drugs too much and discover what the next steps are with the help of an expert therapist.
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An UNBEATABLE Guarantee: Try The Recovery Program 100% risk-free

I work with clients who are a good fit and who I truly believe I can help. Changing your life starts with trusting your counsellor. I want to make sure your experience with me is a positive one. 

It’s simple: When you attend a minimum of 12 consecutive 50-minute sessions and you see no changes or adjustments in your life I want you to email me and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

This guarantee lasts 12 sessions, which completely covers your first go at counselling. That means you can try an ENTIRE program and then decide if it’s right for you.

Bottom line: When you start this program it is 100% risk-free.

You're ready to join the program but you're wondering...

What Happens Next?

Step 1

You click the link on this page and see the availability in my diary and book your first session at a time and day that works for you. You can book in 24 hours or two weeks, it’s up to you.

Step 2

Then you will be taken to complete the payment for the session so we can focus on you and don’t have to start or end the session talking about money. You can use any Debit or Credit Card by Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa. All your card information is stored using bank-level security and encryption, so you’re in safe hands!

Step 3

You will then be sent an email with all the details for the session including the time and location of the video call. You will also receive access to all the content for the program.

Tired of waiting?

Get Instant Support

You’re tired of waiting and even though you can book your session today and have the session within 24 hours, sometimes that can seem like a lifetime.

I want to help right now and allow you to hit the ground running.

Between when you book your sessions and the date and time of your actual session, you can give me a call, text or email whenever you like.

I will also include some of my recommended podcasts and blog posts in the confirmation email for you to have a look at before the sessions so you can get started instantly.

Haven’t Quite Made Up Your Mind?

A Free Assessment Will Allow You To…

  • Have the space to assess your current situation with a trained professional so you can create a plan to move your life in the right direction and get things back on track. 
  • Get the answers to any questions you have so you can find an option that works for you and make a decision with clarity. 
  • Identify some of the reasons you may be drinking or using drugs too much and discover what the next steps are with the help of an expert therapist.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be sober or abstinent to have counselling?

You are not required to be abstinent to start the counselling process. However, you will be expected to be sober for each session so that therapeutic growth can take place. You will also be expected to work towards reducing your consumption or move toward complete abstinence.  

What happens in the first session?

In the first session, the two of us will get to know each other and work together on the first module of mindfulness. We will also set some intentions of what you would like to get from the program and you can see an overview of exactly what we will be covering.

What if I book an assessment before my first session? 

You are more than welcome to book a free assessment before your first session and this will give us a chance to get to know each other and you can ask any questions you may have. If you want to go ahead we can arrange the first session then, at a time that works for us both.

What can I expect from the program?

Typically, in no more than six sessions the client starts to understand their drinking and drug uses, allowing them to make an informed choice as to how they would like to proceed. As we approach the end of the program clients report a marked sense of well-being, increased ease and contentment with greater effectiveness in all aspects of their life. They are surprised and, on occasion, amazed at the changes they have made to their lives over such a short period of time.

Are there any cancellation fees?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session it can be done via text, email or phone call. This needs to be done at least 24 hours prior to the session. If you fail to do so, the full fee will be taken.

When are appointments available?

I am available Friday 7 AM – 8 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 12 AM. You can see my availability in my diary and book a date and time that works for you. There, you’ll also complete the payment via card for the first session and receive the confirmation of your booking.

Is there a waiting list?

There is currently no waiting list. However, this program is unique and for the right clients, it has a massive impact. This means I only accept seven new clients per month on a first come first served basis.

How do I know you won’t tell my stuff to other people?

Respecting your confidentiality is of utmost importance and greatly contributes towards building trust between us. I am bound by the Code of Ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. You can read the Code at www.bacp.co.uk. If you have any cause for concern you can contact them directly.

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By Now You’re Probably Asking...

Will It Work For Me?

You may be wondering if this will work for you, which is very common because when we are drinking and using too much we feel different from the people around us.

You may go out with friends and family who can just have a few and stop without a problem but you seem to keep going.

This makes you feel special and different, which makes you feel like when it comes to solving the problem your solution must also be special and different.

You’re saying to yourself, “Yes I know lots of people have been through the program but they don’t have my story, family, problems, age.”

This is true because we are all unique.

However, when I started out as a counsellor I worked in the probation service. I had clients who had run-ins with or had skirted the law by pushing the boundaries of society (something we can all relate to).

As I started to work with this client group I noticed they all came from different backgrounds and were different races, ages, genders and had different jobs.

There was no correlation in physical appearance (demographics) but a huge similarly in our minds (psychographics).

The biggest similarity was the fact that no one (me included) had been taught how to manage stress, anxiety or any of our emotions. As a result, we all drink or use drugs to numb out the world.

The second biggest thing in common is that we all struggled with four areas of life. Our thoughts (mindfulness), our relationships (interpersonal effectiveness), life punching us in the face (crisis survival skills) and lastly our emotions (emotional regulations).

That is why this program deep dives into all four of these areas.

I have led a range of clients through this program from people drinking too much at the weekend to clients doing multiple grams of cocaine a day.

So whoever you are and wherever you come from –

The answer is YES, it will work for you!