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Our recovery program takes you through a process to gain control over your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and redefines your relationship to drugs and alcohol.


You will learn to solve your problems effectively in the moment, so they won’t just make it to the emotional to-do list.

The program gives you practical tools to use in your life to ‘Quieten your mind’ and to have more control over what happens as a result of your ‘Thoughts’.

Also, you will be taught how to build connections in relationships and rebuild the bridge to love with your partner, wife, friends and family.

You will learn what emotions are (even if you think you don’t have any) and how to let them come and go without holding you hostage.

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Home Detox

Our home detox program allows you to detoxify your body from drink and drugs safely with medical advice and psychological support from trained doctors and addiction specialists.

You can safely and gently reduce your drug use over a period of time from the comfort of your own home and be supported by us through the process.

It allows you to have regular check-ins and accountability to ensure you stay on track and complete the detox.

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Counselling creates a space for you to have a complete mindset shift and redefine your relationship to drugs and alcohol. It provides you with a confidential non-judgmental space your family and friends are just not trained to create.

Counselling facilitates lasting change and gradually creates your new life so you don’t get the whiplash effect of rehab.

It teaches you to understand how your emotions (even if you don’t believe you have any) influence your behaviour.

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Family Support

Our counselling and life coaching gives you a safe place to talk and be listened to by a kind and empathetic ear without being wronged, silenced or shamed.

You will learn the right tools and develop the inner power to change not only the content of what’s going on but most importantly shift the context of how you see the situation you’re in.

It gives you a safe place to explore your options so you can feel more empowered and motivated to decide the best course of action for you.

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