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When we are deep in our addiction or trying to support someone who is in their addiction, we can feel isolated and alone.

I want to help you get started and stay on track no matter where you are on your journey.

So below you will find a range of free support and resources from myself and our team of trained professionals.

These include; Our Check-In Group, The Podcast, Our Blog and a FREE eBook that includes 7 Foundational Tools.

Our Free Weekly Check-in Group

Our support group is perfect if you’re thinking about starting counselling or going to rehab but you’re not quite ready or you’re in recovery and you simply want to check in with like-minded people in a confidential and safe space. This will keep you on track and ensure recovery stays fresh in your mind. 

  • We meet every Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 8 PM via online video call.
  • Spaces are limited to 12 people per week.
  • It is completely free we just ask for your time and attention.
  • Just leave your email below and you’ll get a personal invite each week.

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We also offer a FREE EBOOK that will give you...

7 Foundational Tools To Handle Triggers And Cravings TODAY So You Can Control Your Behaviour And Sustain Connection With Your Family

You’re currently stuck with unhealthy habits and your drink or drug use has gotten out of control because you have gone from drinking once a week with friends to most nights alone or you go out on huge drink ups and are not seen for days.

Now, this habit consists of a CUE (stress), ROUTINE (drink or drug use) and REWARD (numbed emotions & less distress). 

To change THIS habit loop you need to change the ROUTINE

  • This ebook gives you the KEY TO CHANGE so you can understand where you are in the cycle of changing which means you will have a higher chance of actually creating your new life. 
  • You get 7 proven ROUTINES you can use to replace your drinking or drug use in the habit loop to get your thoughts, feelings and behaviour back under control.
  • Learn a secret habit that will actually change the shape of your brain and also give you the ability to shift the context and not the contents

BONUS Free Audio Book

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Haven’t Quite Made Up Your Mind?

A Free Assessment Will Allow You To…

  • Have the space to assess your current situation with a trained professional so you can create a plan to move your life in the right direction and get things back on track.
  • Get the answers to any questions you have so you can find an option that works for you and make a decision with clarity.
  • Identify some of the reasons you may be drinking or using drugs too much and discover what the next steps are with the help of an expert therapist.
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