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Get Your Drink or Drug Use Under Control?

Our proven approach to counselling will give you the practical tools to:
Understand your Behaviour, Gain Control and Cultivate Happiness

Has life become a struggle?

First comes the initial drink, then you’re not able to take control and say enough is enough.

After a long week at work, you feel stressed and constantly crave a drink BUT after, you just sit there and ask yourself ‘why do I do this‘ – you just don’t know the answer?

For years you thought your lifestyle was sustainable but now you realise that it is having an impact on the people around you and you’re tired of going round in maddening circles.

Ultimately you fear destroying your relationships and losing the love from your, partner, kids, family and friends.

Deep down you know you cant do this by yourself and you need support to let go of the past and get to the root of the problem.

Counselling gives you the tools to deal with the triggers and cravings to control your behaviour and find a balance.

You’ll be able to get on the right path to a happy and healthy life.

I went through a similar struggle to what you’re going through right now…

I went from an emotionally dead drug addict to a fulfilled recovery counsellor without losing my job, family or going to rehab. I grew up with a drug-addicted mum who died when I was 10. Every day I emotionally ran from the trauma, ripping out everything that connected my head to my heart, burying any feelings deep in the valley of my soul never to be found again. Until one day… keep reading

How Can I Help?

Discover The 12 Week Recovery Program That Creates Lasting Change

Feel Happier In All Aspects Of Your Life

My recovery program takes you through a process to gain control over your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and redefines your relationship to drugs and alcohol.

You will learn to solve your problems effectively in the moment, so they won’t just make it to the emotional todo list.

The program gives you practical tools to use in your life to ‘Quieten your mind’ and to have more control over what happens as a result of your ‘Thoughts’.

Also, you will be taught how to build connections in relationships and rebuild the bridge to love with your partner, wife, friends and family.

You will learn what emotions are (even if you think you don’t have any) and how to let them come and go without holding you hostage.

Discover The Recovery Program

I would 100% recommend Luke as a therapist. From my first session with him, I felt huge relief from anguish and pain that I'd been carrying around for years. Luke provided me with the exact type of support and setting that I needed to discuss sensitive/complex/troubling issues, and together we got to the root of debilitating thoughts and behaviours that have been compounding in my life since my childhood. The elements of DBT incorporated into the sessions help a lot with making sense of everything. A very positive turning-point in my life. Thank you once again for all of your help, Luke.

JaneFrom Trustpilot

Working with Luke has been a great experience. Really down to earth with a calm manner and positive energy. We have covered everything I requested and more, with plenty of practical work and interactive sessions

JohnFrom Trustpilot

When I went to Luke I really didn’t believe I could give up my addiction and become the person I am today. But after we started to work together he made me feel confident and not only teach me about addiction but support me in dealing with the underlying emotions. I have never been so happy and fulfilled. Together me and Luke discovered a real meaning in my life. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

MattFrom Trustpilot

The most charismatic counsellor I have met in my life. Not only he has all the knowledge and expertise that is needed but he is also able to see things from the patient's perspective and reach conclusions in a holistic way. He has a genuine interest for his clients and he is one of the most open-minded people I know. 110% Recommended.

PetraFrom Trustpilot

Excellent and honest advice from someone who has a wealth of experience in many aspects of life.

PhilFrom Trustpilot

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